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Advanced Engineering Dynamics
Advanced Dynamics
Engineering Mechanics - Volume 1
Mechanical Engineering Design
Engineering Mechanics STATICS
Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics
Mechanical Behaviour Of Engineering Materials
Mechanical Engineering Principles
Mechanical Engineering Systems
Engineering Mechanics Statics 7th Edition By Meriam and Kraige
Engineering Mechanics Statics R.C. Hibbeler-12th Edition
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 12th edition Rc Hibbeler
Materials Science and Engineering 8th edition-Calliste
An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
Quantum Mechanics
Vector Mechanics for Engineers
IC Engines by V Ganeshan
Engineering Drawing
Engineering Thermodynamics 3rd Edition By Ronaldplus
Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach 5th Edition
Mechanics of Materials, 2nd ed
Rock mechanics and engineering
Power Plant Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Fourth Edition
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Mechanics of materials Hibbeler, 8th edition
Mechanics of Materials and Solid, 6th Edition Jame M Gere
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 14th Edition
Game Engine Architecture
Air Conditioning Engineering - 5th Edition
Object Oriented Software Engineering
Heat Transfer Handbook by Adrian Bejan and Allan D. Kraus
Fundamentals Of Heat And Mass Transfer Sixth Edition
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Edward J. Shaughnessy
Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers
Shigleys Mechanical Engineering Design
Reliability in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
Probability Applications In Mechanical Design By Franklein Fisher Joy R Fishe
Roarks Formulas For Stress And Strain
Mechanical Measurements 2nd Edition by S.P. Venkateshan
Modelling Diesel Combustion
Engineering Design Process
Basic Manufacturing Third Edition By Roger Timings
CNC Machining Technology Volume 1 Design, Development and CIM Strategies
CNC Machining Technology Volume 2 Cutting, Fluids and Workholding Technologies by Graham T. Smith
CNC Programming Using Fanuc Custom Macro by B S K Sinha
Automatic Control for Mechanical Engineers
Theory and Design of CNC Systemss
Michael Fitzpatrick Machining and Cnc Technology
Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures Volume 2 Advanced Topics
Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method for Heat and Fluid Flow
The Finite Element Method in Engineering
The Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics
The Finite Element Method A Practical Course
The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechanics
Finite Element Analysis with Error Estimators
Design of Adaptive Finite Element Software


Electrical Installation Calculations Vol.1
Electrical Installation Calculations Vol.2
Electrical Power Cable Engineering
Electric Machinery
Electrical Installation Design
Electric Power Systems
Electric Relays Principles and Applications
Battery Reference Book
Electrical Engineers Reference Book 16Edition
Handbook of Broadcast Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Introduction to Electrical Power Systems
Industrial Power Engineering and Applications Handbook
Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology 3Ed
Signal and System Using Matlab
Electrical Technology Volume I Electrical Engineering
Electric Motors Drives
Electric Power Generation2
Fundamental Elements of Applied Superconductivity in EE
Analog and Digital Signals and Systems
Probability Statistics and Processes for EE 3rd Ed
Electrical Distribution Engineering 3rd Edition
Wireless Electric Ground Transportation Systems
Power System
Electrical Engineering Concepts and Applications
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering (IEEE) Wiley
GIORGIO RIZZONI - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Modern Distribution Systems with PSCAD Analysis
Power Converter Circuits
Electricity for Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning by Russell E.Smith
Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials
Electric Wiring Domestic Thirteenth Edition By Brian Scaddan
Finite Elements for Electrical Engineers Third Edition Peter P. Silvester
Mastering Electrical Engineering By Noel M. Morris
Elements Of Electrical Engineering By U. A. Bakshi
Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Handbook
Handbook of Power Quality Edited by Angelo Baggini
High-Voltage Engineering By V Kamaraju and M S Naidu
High Voltage Engineering Theory and Practice By M. Khalifa
High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals 2nd Edition By E. Kuffel, W.S. Zaengl and J. Kuffel
Switching Power Supplies A to Z By Sanjaya Maniktala
Switching Power Supply Design Third Edition By Abraham I. Pressman
Power Supplies for LED Driving By Steve Winder
Understanding Symmetrical Components for Power System Modeling By J. C. Das
Electric Power Transformer Engineering Third Edition By James H. Harlow
Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives By Piotr Wach
Handbook on the Wiring Regulations Third Edition
Electrical Dynamics of the Dendritic Space by Sergey M. Korogod and Suzanne Tyc Dumont
Market Operations in Electric Power Systems Forecasting, Scheduling, and Risk Management by Mohammad Shahidehpour
Power System Stability and Control Third Edition By Leonard L Grigsby
Logic Circuit Design Selected Methods By Shimon P. Vingron
Wind Energy Conversion Systems Technology and Trends By Technology and Trends
Advances in Wind Energy Conversion Technology By Sathyajith Mathew and Geeta Susan Philip Editors
Power Conversion and Control of Wind Energy Systems By BinWu, Yongqiang Lang, Navid Zargari and Samir Kouro
Transformer Engineering Design Technology and Diagnostics 2nd Edition By S V Kulkarni and S A Khaparde
Electric Generators Handbook Two Volume Set Variable Speed Generators Second Edition


Basic Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Design And Construction
Bridge Design for the Civil and Structural Professional Engineering
Bayesian Methods For Structural Dynamics And Civil Engineering
HandbookCivil Engineering Project Management
Organic Materials in Civil Engineering
Rock Slope Engineering Civil and Mining
Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering Hydraulics
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations
Elements of Soil Mechanics. 7th Edition
Geotechnical Engineering Principles and Soil Mechanics
Building Materials and Construction Planning
Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems
Hydraulic Structures: Fourth Edition
Pile Design and Construction Practice, Fifth edition
Structural Stability in Bridge Construction
Drinking Water Distribution Systems
Complete Plumbing and Central Heating
Seismic Design of Steel Structures By Victor Gioncu
Unified Theory of Concrete Structures Thomas T.C. Hsu
Building Construction Handbook 8th Edition By R. Chudley
Programming and Scheduling Techniques by Thomas E
Structural and Stress Analysis 2nd Edition by Dr. T.H.G. Megson
Project Management a Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling 10th Edition By Harold Kerzner
Cost Estimation of Structures in Commercial Buildings By Surinder Singh
Site Analysis A Contextual Approach to Sustainable Land Planning and Site Design Second Edition By James A.
Unified Design of Steel Structures By Louis F
Analysis in Structural Concrete, Theory and Applications By Zihai
Examples in Structural Analysis By W.M.C.McKenzie
Dynamics of Structures Third Edition by Ray W. Clough
Detailing For Steel Construction 3rd Edition
Avoiding Claims in Building Design Risk Management in Practice by Malcolm Taylor
Structural Mechanics Modelling and Analysis of Frames and Trusses by Ola Dahlblom and Karl Gunnar Olsson
Prestressed Concrete Analysis and Design Fundamentals 2nd Edition By Antoine E. Naaman
Durability Design of Concrete Structures in Severe Environments Second Edition By Odd E. Gjorv
Structural Analysis Fourth Edition, SI By Aslam Kassimali
Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames By Guo-Qiang Li and Jin-Jun Li
Construction Inspection Manual Eighth Edition
Steel Structures Design and Behavior 4th Edition By Charles G. Salmon and John E. Johnson
Pile Design and Construction Practice 4th Edition By M.J.Tomlinson
Matrix Analysis of Structural Dynamics Applications and Earthquake Engineering By Franklin Y. Cheng
Earthquake Resistant Buildings Dynamic Analyses, Numerical Computations, Codified Methods, Case Studies and Examples By M.Y.H. Bangash
Concrete Pavement Design, Construction, and Performance By Norbert Delatte
Construction Contracts Law and management Fourth Edition By John Murdoch and Will Hughes
Structural Damping Applications in Seismic Response Modification By Zach Liang, George C. Lee, Gary F. Dargush and Jianwei Song


Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering
Fundamentals of probability and statistics for engineers
Higher Engineering Mathematics
Advances in Algebraic Geometry Codes by Edgar Martinez Moro, Carlos Munuera and Diego Ruano
Beginning Partial Differential Equations Third Edition By Peter V. O Neil
Differential Equations with Mathematica Third Edition By Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton
Differential and Difference Equations and Applications Edited By Ravi P. Agarwal and Kanishka Perera
Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems Eleventh Edition by William E. Boyce, Richard C.
Differential Equations 4th Edition By Paul Blanchard, Robert L. Devaney and Glen R. Hall
Amplitude Equations for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations By Dirk Blomker
Numerical Analysis Second Edition By Timothy Sauer
Numerical Analysis with Algorithms and Programming By Santanu Saha Ray


Physics for Scientists and Engineer, 9th Ed
Fundamentals of Physics


Chemical Engineering
Handbook of chemical and environmental engineering
Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers
Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering
Petroleum Engineer's Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids
Techniques and Applications in Chemical Engineering
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Aspen Energy Analyzer Tutorial
Principle of Organic Medicine Chemistry
Organic Chemistry of Explosives
Peptide Chemistry and Drug Design
Chemistry For Pharmacy Students General Organic And Natural Product Chemistry
Nuclear Engineering Handbook by Kenneth D. Kok
Introduction to chemical reactor analysis second edition by R.E. Hayes and J.P. Mmbaga
Chemical Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry
Foundations of Organic Chemistry
ReagentGuide 8th Synthestic Organic Chemistry Materials Chemistry
Practical Column Design Guide
Advances in distillation retrofit


Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects
Environmental Engineering Book
Encyclopedia Environmental Science Engineering
Air Pollution Control Engineering
Structural Engineering Environmental and Architectural
Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory
Air Pollution Prevention Control Handbook
Hazardous Waste Handbook_3E
Pollution Prevention through Process Integration - Systematic Design Tools
Handbook of pollution control and waste minimization
Environmental Pollution and Control
Handbook of Water Treatment


Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Industrial Engineering and Management
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology 6th edition
Handbook of Industrial Engineering Technology and Operations Management 3E
Engineering Optimization_ Theory and Practice, Fourth Ed
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering 5th ed
Handbook of Die Design
Handbook of Lapping and Polishing
Handbook of Machining and Metalworking Calculations
Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels
Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering
Hardening and Tempering Engineers Tools
Hardening Tempering and Heat Treatment
The complete handbook of sand casting
Machining Metalworking Handbook
Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook
Guide to Surface Engineering Terminology
Building a gas fired Crucible furnace
Optimization Methods for Manufacturing
Paint Technology Handbook
Mastering Hand Tool Techniques
Castings and Forgings
Charcoal Foundry
McGraw-Hill Machining Metalworking Handbook
Metal Machining
Modern Manufacturing
Machining Metalworking Handbook
Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook
Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces
Introduction to Logistics Systems Planning and Control
Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces and Kiln
Fundamental of Die Casting Design
Analytical Troubleshooting of Process Machinery and Pressure Vessels
An Introduction to Knowledge Engineering

Computer ,Network and Software Engineering

Network Performance Engineering
Data Communication and Networking
Control Engineering
Software Engineering Practitioner’s Approach by Roger S
Software Engineering for Game Developers
Software Engineering, 9th Edition
Knowledge-Based Software Engineering
Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach 8ed.
Database Design
Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Fourth Edition.
Software Engineering for Experimental Robotics
Functional Python Programming - Steve Lott
Ptyhon Network Engneering
Mastering Windows Server 2016 Hyber V - John Savill
Learning Python Network Programming
Learning JavaScript
Information Technology Project Management 8th Edition By Kathy Schwalbe
Game Theory Applications in Network Design By Sungwook Kim
Object Oriented Software Engineering Practical Software Development Using
Network Security Essentials, Applications and Standards Fourth Edition
Probability and Random Processes for Electrical and Computer Engineers
Electrical and Computer Fundamentals of Engineering Exam By Michael R. Lindeburg
Developing Responsive Web Applications with AJAX and jQuery
Practical JavaScript DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects
Inkscape Illustrator s Cookbook
Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio
Sams Teach Yourself Ajax JavaScript and PHP All in One
Introducing HTML5 Game Development By Jesse Freeman
Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patternss
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Step by Step
Pro SSP NET MVC 5 Platform
Android Fragments By Dave MacLean and Satya Komatineni
ASP.NET Design Patterns
An Android in Every Home
Android Programming Tutorials Version 3.9 by Mark L Murphy
Android Blueprints
Unity 5 for Android Essentials
3D Game Programming for Kids Create Interactive Worlds with JavaScript

Telecommunications and Electronics

The Telecommunications Handbook
Telecommunication System Engineering
Introduction to Telecommunications Network Eng
Telecommunication System Engineering
computational and telecommunication
Antenna Engineering Handbook
Basic Electronics By Debashis De
Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement
Understand Electronics 2nd Edition
Microcontroller Programming
Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Implementation
Introduction To Digital Signal Processing
Electricity, Electronics, and Wiring
Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineering
Digital Compensation for Analog Front
Theory of Semiconductor Devices by Karl
Principles of Transistor Circuits 9th ed
Liquid Phase Epitaxy of Electronic
Organic Thin-Film Transistor Application
IDC Technologies Communications, Industrial Networking and T IP
World Class Telecommunications Service Development By Ellen Ward
Industrial Communication Technology Handbook 2nd Edition By Richard Zurawski
Satellite Communications Systems, Systems, Techniques and Technology Fifth Edition
Cooperative Systems Design Seamless Integration of Artifacts and Conversations Enhanced Concepts of Infrastructure for Communication
Integrated CMOS Circuits for Optical Communications By M. Ingels and M. Steyaert
Modern Communications Receiver Design and Technology By Cornell Drentea
Analog Integrated Circuits for Communication Principles Simulation and Design Second Edition
Design of Integrated Circuits for Optical Communications Second Edition By Behzad Razavi

Power Plant

Power Plant Engineering
Steam Turbines for Modern Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook, Third Edition

Finance Engineering

Financial Engineering
Finance for Engineers and Managing Infrastructure
Project Financing Asset-Based Financial Engineering
Finance for Engineers Evaluation and Funding of Capital
Java Methods for Financial Engineering in Investment
Engineering Economy, 16th Edition by William G. Sullivan

Solar Engineering

Solar Energy
Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, 4th Edition
Principles of Solar Engineering-3rd-ed
Wind and Power Solar System
Energy resource
Handbook of Energy Engineering
The Biomass Assessment Handbook

Food Engineering

Food Process Engineering and Technology
Introduction to Food Engineering, Fourth Edition
Solving Problems in Food Engineering
Food Engineering Integrated Approaches.

Offshore and Petroleum Engineering

Advanced Natural Gas Engineerin
Offshore Geotechnical Engineering
Offshore Structural Engineering Risk assessment
Modern Earthquake Engineering Offshore
Health, Safety, and Environmental Management in Offshore
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.1
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.2
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.3
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.4
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.5
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.6
Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol.7
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Volume 1)
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Volume 2)
Handbook of Petroleum Analysis
Advanced Natural Gas Engineering

Automotive engineering

Automotive Mechatronics
The Science and Technology of Materials in Automotive Engines


Piping Materials Guide
Valve Selection Handbook
Pipe drafting and Design
Piping Handbook
Piping and Pipelines Assessment Guide
Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks
Organic Waste Recycling


Engineering A Principles of Agricultural Machines
Principles of Agricultural Economics
Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Technology


Aircraft Structures By Megson
NASA Systems Engineering Handbook
Aerodinamycs of the Helicopter
Automated Rendezvous and Docking Of Spacecraft by Wigbert Fehse
Aircraft Fuel Systems By Roy Langton , Chuck Clark
Fundamentals of Aerospace medicine Fourth Edition Editors Jeffrey R. Davis, Jan Stepanek
Flight Dynamics Principles By M.V. Cook
Advanced Dynamics Rigid Body, Multibody, and Aerospace Applications By Reza N. Jazar
Manufacturing Technology for Aerospace Structural Materials By F.C. Campbell


Audio Engineering

Metallurgy and Welding Engineering

Metallurgy of Welding
Metallic Materials Physical, Mechanical and Corrosion
Welding Metallurgy and Weldability-Lippold
Physical Metallurgy by Cahn
Introduction to Physical Metallurgy of Welding
Extractive Metallurgy of Copper
Aluminum Metallurgy Fundamentals
Introduction to Powder Metallurgy
Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Fundamentals of Metallurgy
Polymer Physics
The Elements of Polymer Science
Polymer Science And Technology
High Performance Polymers and Engineering Plastics
Polymer Engineering Science and Viscoelasticity
Pulse Current Gas Metal Arc Welding Characteristics
Applied Welding Engineering, Second Edition
AWS Welding Handbook Vol1 9th - Welding Science and Technology
AWS Welding Handbook Vol2 9th - Welding Processes Part 1
AWS Welding Handbook Vol3 9th - Welding Processes Part 2
AWS Welding Handbook Vol4 9th - Materials and Applications Part 1
AWS Welding Handbook Vol5 9th - Materials and Applications Part 2


ASME BPVC 2017 Section I
ASME BPVC 2017 Section II part A-1
ASME BPVC 2017 Section II part A-2
ASME BPVC 2017 Section II part B
ASME BPVC 2017 Section II part C
ASME BPVC 2017 Section II part D (customary)
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub NE
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub NF
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub NG
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub NCA
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub NB
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 1 sub ND
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 2
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 3
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III div. 5
ASME BPVC 2017 Section III appendices
ASME BPVC 2017 Section IV
ASME BPVC 2017 Section V
ASME BPVC 2017 Section VI
ASME BPVC 2017 Section VII
ASME BPVC 2017 Section VIII div. 1
ASME BPVC 2017 Section VIII div. 2
ASME BPVC 2017 Section VIII div. 3
ASME BPVC 2017 Section IX
ASME BPVC 2017 Section X
ASME BPVC 2017 Section XI
ASME BPVC 2017 Section XI Errata
ASME BPVC 2017 Section XII
ASME BPVC 2017 Code Cases Boilers and Pressure Vessels
ASME BPVC 2017 Code Cases - Nuclear Components
ASME B31.1-2018 Power Piping
ASME B31.3-2016 Process Piping
ASME B31.8S-2018 Managing System Integrity of Gas Pipelines

American Institute of Steel Construction AISC Design Guide

AISC Design Guide 01 - Column Base Plates and Anchor Design
AISC Design Guide 02 - Design of Steel and Composite Beams with Web Openings
AISC Design Guide 03 - Serviceability Design Considerations for Low-Rise Buildings
AISC Design Guide 04 - Extended End-Plate Moment Connection
AISC Design Guide 5 - Low And Medium Rise Steel Buildings
AISC Design Guide 06 - LRFD of W-Shapes Encased in Concrete
AISC Design Guide 07 - Industrial Buildings Roofs to Column Anchorage
AISC Design Guide 08 - Partially Restrained Composite Connection
AISC Design Guide 09 - Torsional Analysis of Structural Steel Members
AISC Design Guide 10 - Erection Bracing of Low-Rise Structural Steel Frames
AISC Design Guide 11 - Floor Vibrations Due To Human Activity
AISC Design Guide 12 - Modification of Existing Steel Welded Moment Frame
AISC Design Guide 13 - Stiffening of Wide-Flange Columns at Moment Connections
AISC Design Guide 14 - Staggered Truss Framing Systems
AISC Design Guide 15 - AISC Rehabilitation and Retrofit Guide
AISC Design Guide 16 - Flush and Extended Multiple-Row Moment Connections
AISC Design Guide 17 - High Strength Bolts - A Primer for Structural Engineers
AISC Design Guide 18 - Steel-Framed Open-Deck Parking Structuresb
AISC Design Guide 19 - Fire Resistance of Structural Steel Framing
AISC Design Guide 20 - Steel Plate Shear Walls
AISC Design Guide 21 - Welded Connections - A Primer for Engineers
AISC Design Guide 22 - Facade Attachments To Steel Framed Buildings
AISC Design Guide 23 - Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings
AISC Design Guide 24 - Hollow Structural Section Connections
AISC Design Guide 25 - Frame Design Using Web-Tapered Members
AISC Design Guide 26 - Design of Blast Resistant Structures
AISC Design Guide 27 - Structural Stainless Steel
AISC Design Guide 28 - Stability Design of Steel Buildings
AISC Design Guide 29 - Vertical Bracing Connections - Analysis and Design
AISC Design Guide 30 - Sound Isolation and Noise Control in Steel Buildings
AISC Design Guide 31 - Castellated and Cellular Beam Design
AISC Design Guide 32 - Design of Modular Steel-Plate Composite Walls for Safety-Related Nuclear Facilities
AISC Design Guide 33 - Curved Member Design
AISC Design Guide 34 - Steel-Framed Stairway Design
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