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ทำให้Office 2010เป็นของแท้ตลอดกาล ไม่พึงคีย์มั่ว Microsoft OFFICE 2010 Activator

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Microsoft OFFICE 2010 Activator V2 (X86-X64) | 15.1 MB

This is a set of tools and functions for managing licensing and activating Office 2010. All output from these functions is displayed in the Information Console. All functions are run in the background and the GUI is disabled to prevent running multiple functions, as this could conflict or damage Office 2010. The AutoKMS Uninstaller, AutoRearm Uninstaller, Office Uninstaller and Product Key Checker work even if Office 2010 is not installed. For information about individual functions, read further below.

Office 2010 Toolkit Functions:
Main Tab:

EZ-Activator: This is a universal and simple activator for Office 2010. It can use KMS activation even if you are using Retail License. EZ-Activator gathers information about your Office 2010 licensing status to provide the best method of activation. It can automatically attempt possible fixes in case of activation failure, and can reverse all changes in case of total failure.

Office 2010 Information:
This states if Office 2010 is installed on your PC and whether it is 32 bit (x86), 64 bit (x64) or 32 bit running on 64 bit OS (x86-64).

Office Uninstaller:
Run a script that will uninstall and cleanly remove Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office 2003 and later is supported.

Activation Tools Tab:
Office 2010 AutoKMS:
AutoKMS is a scheduled task that will renew your 180 day KMS activation. Unlike other KMS activators, AutoKMS does not run 24/7 or only at the last minute with the hope it won't fail, and leaves no traces of itself other than a scheduled task and exe file. It only attempts to activate KMS licenses (which saves a lot of time if you have non-KMS licenses such as MAK or Retail active). It will run at startup and attempt KMS activation a set amount of times. The Install/Uninstall buttons are used to install or remove AutoKMS.

Office 2010 AutoRearm:
AutoRearm is a scheduled task that will allow you to use Office 2010 in grace period forever. It requires that you have at least 1 available rearm upon install. It works by taking a backup of your activation and restoring it when you run out of rearms. It runs on startup, and checks how many days left you have on your grace period. It will rearm if you have 5 or fewer days before your grace period expires. If the rearm fails because the count ran out (which is normal and inevitable), it restores the backup, which puts the count where it was upon install of AutoRearm. Because this grace period is likely expired, it then rearms (which is why at least 1 rearm is required). The backup will be restored upon uninstall.

Retail Office 2010 nags you for activation on startup. You can stop this by converting to VL and using KMS Product Key.

Attempt Office 2010 Activation:
This will attempt to activate any and all Office 2010 products.

Check Office 2010 Activation Status:
This will display detailed information on Office 2010 activation including how many days you are licensed for, what Product Key and type of license you are using, and much more.

Rearm Office 2010:
This resets the 30 day grace period that all Office 2010 products have. Rearm can be done up to 5 times. The available button will tell you how many rearms you have available.

License Management Tab:
Add License:
This will add the ability to use a Product Key for a certain Office 2010 product. You do not even need that Office 2010 product installed.
It will install a provided Product Key if available; else you will have to install your own product key with Key Manager after License Add succeeds. All the provided Retail Product Keys are trials or blacklisted but can be rearmed for temporary use. The provided VL Product Keys are KMS Product Keys.
EX: This can be used to use Professional Plus License on Standard.

Delete KMS Keygen After Run:
Removes the KMS emulator from your PC after KMS activation.

Delete KMS Host After Run:
Removes the KMS server from the registry after KMS activation.

EZ-Activator Tab:
Number Of Activation Attempts Per Product: How many times activation should be tried before giving up for that product. 10 to 25 attempts are recommended.

Install AutoKMS:
If EZ-Activator succeeds it will install AutoKMS.

Convert Unactivated Retail To KMS:
If using Retail License and it is not permanently activated, convert it to VL and install KMS Product Key.

Convert Unactivated Retail To KMS:
If using VL MAK License and it is not permanently activated, install KMS Product Key.

Permanently Activate Starter:
If you are using Office 2010 Starter with subscription License, install Product Key that results in instant and permanent activation for Starter. I have never seen a subscription Starter Office 2010 as it???????s supposed to be a free advertising supported product so you can probably disable this to make EZ-Activator skip this and save a few seconds of time.

Uninstall Unactivated Keys:
If EZ-Activator converts an Unactivated Retail License to VL, uninstall the Retail key so Office 2010 does not use both Retail and VL Product Key.

Rearm On Failure:
If EZ-Activator fails, attempt to rearm. If rearm succeeds, try activating again.

Reinstall Licenses On Failure:
Run the License Add for all Office 2010 licenses currently installed then try activating again.

Delete Licenses On Failure:
Run License Delete All, then automatically repair Office 2010 licensing (not affected by the Auto-Repair on License Delete setting, so this will always repair automatically). After repairing, attempt activation again. This is what usually fixes the activation error so I strongly encourage leaving this enabled.

Take Backup In Case Of Failure:
Create a temporary backup, and restore it if EZ-Activator totally fails to activate. This effectively reverses all changes EZ-Activator made.

Office 2010 Toolkit Changelog:
1.0 To Initially just a batch file. Changes over these versions undocumented and almost innumerable. to 2.0: Written in C#, changes are drastic and innumerable.

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